Alexandre Mengual

Commercial Director

I started my career at Sagem as a sales representative offering office solutions.

During my first two years there I applied the methods of hard selling popularised by the sales schools of Xerox, Cannon, or Sagem: who are still recognised today as benchmarks of the market’s most efficient sales techniques.

I took this knowledge and experience with me when I worked as a trainer at Sagem’s sales school. Having both taught these techniques and put them into practice allowed me to perfect them.

Several years later, the training pathway for sales and presales at SAP allowed me to learn new techniques in line with my expertise in short cycles—a new way to understand, monitor, and take charge of long cycles.

In this period I also started to become interested in the behavioural types or “colours” of the people I came in to contact with, employing the DISC method to adapt my questions and therefore the trajectory that a sales cycle will take. My experience in high-stake environments, first with help from the key account managers of Neurones, then at KPF, has allowed me to master sale mapping, cartography, and the power map.

Through this gradual accumulation of experience, I became aware of my keen sense of empathy and its usefulness in conducting sales. That is to say, to intuitively understand the main pressure points of your counterpart by putting yourself in their shoes, and adapt yourself to become in synch with them.

When I discovered the ideas behind emotional intelligence I understood that the basic emotions could be linked to the sales cycle and act as a large influence upon it. By combining the principles of connecting with your clients, tailoring your language, and listening to your sense of empathy, I set the foundations for a method of conducting the sales cycle differently: mapping and understanding their interactions with the basic emotions. I set myself to understand how the emotions work and draw out a method to seamlessly interact with them and to relate them to my sales experience.

I was guided by efficiency and the desire to make my sales cycles more stable: to improve my success rate. But in the end, in a certain fashion, I also made the sales process—often viewed as manipulative—more humane.

I pitched this method to the MBA students at HEC as well as to the salesforces and client services of large businesses, and recieved extremely positive feedback every time.

And so I decided to offer my services to my contacts and start-ups I felt connected to, providing them with factual guidence, totally personalised, based on sucess fees.

My objective is to allow you to adapt my method across a sales cycle successfuly executed together.

With this site I offer you my thoughts, my vision, my methods, and my expertise in mastering the sales cycle. This site is personal and should be taken as a how-to-guide, rather, view it as a reflection on IE (Emotional Intelligence) and its ever-growing influence on business.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if this approach interests you and you would like to try it out.

Thank you for reading.

Alexandre MENGUAL

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