Curriculum Vitae


Spending more than 10 years as a manager in complex environments with some of the
largest businesses to use SAP solutions, I’ve accompanied my clients from start to finish to help them
make their SAP businesses more
successful. I have created favourable
conditions to ensure that the meetings between my clients and collaborators produce new and lucrative

I use emotional intelligence has the foundation of my sales procedure, enabling it
to be stronger, more durable, smarter, and intrinsically focused on human relationships

      • Founding Partner
        • I help start-ups, my partners and, clients from
          my network to harness the force of emotional intelligence in their sales
          cycles. With an approach based on success, I personalise my guidance to
          create lasting improvements in :

          • The average size of their commercial oppertunities
          • The length of their sales cycles
          • Their success rates
        • I work with them for success fees to create a
          relationship built completly on trust, motivation, and value.
      • Director of Sales in France since June 2016
        • Inventy has revolutionised the management of
          SAP systems. Thanks to their innovative applications combining cutting edge
          analysis and predictive functions, Inventy helps the largest businesses of
          the world to make their SAP systems more agile,
          more secure, and less expensive. The solutions and expertise of Inventy respond
          to the major concerns of SAP clients: evaluate and increase the creation of
          value of their SAP systems, and ultimately draw the maximum returns
          possible from
          their investments.
        • By choosing the start-up Inventy I decided to step out of my comfort zone.
        • I am convinced that change is our main driving force for continuous progress.
        • I am very happy to share my passion, energy, and this approach with the Inventy
          team, and with my clients and partners.
        • Armed with years of professional experience, I will give you my fullest
          attention and engaSagement.
        • Sales Manager of a start-up: participation in the creation of an IT
          start-up—infrastructure and networks.
    Commercial director for KPF Group from January 2012 to May 2016
    KPF Group
      • During my time as the Commercial Director for KPF I
        particularly worked with many large clients such as Veolia, LVMH, SAFRAN, and L’Oréal
        with an approach based exclusively on value, engaSagement, and
        measurable results.

    Commercial director for KPF Group from January 2012 to May 2016

          • Director of Sales :

          • Direction of objectives for KPF Group, 2015 100% achieved:
            Revenue €15.3M and gross margin €5M of which €6M was new business
            Expansion since 2012 2012 Turnover: 11% of which 8% was in 2015, margin
          • Creation and direction of the group’s commercial strategies and key
            accounts: Safran, Veolia, LVMH, L’Oréal: Revenue €5M euros in 2015.
          • Acquisition and management of key account referencing: L’Oréal (PSL)
            Safran (Group) VEOLIA (Group), LVMH PCIS, Décathlon, Plastic Omnium.
          • management of the sales force and of the business conducted by the
            managers of KPF.
          • Monitoring the relationships between our operating departments and our
            strategic clients.
          • Forging new strategic partnerships (SCC, EMC, T-systems, IBM…)
          • Internal training for sales and presales.

    Manager of the salesforce (staff of 5)

          • Organising the team’s workload and defining the commercial sectors.
          • Setting the Business engineer (team member’s) objectives in accordance
            with executive management.
          • Following the accomplishments of the team and improving their
          • Recruiting, training, and motivating each team member/ sales rep. and
            assisting them with career development.

    Launching commercial activity :

          • Finding avenues of expansion by breaking into new market sectors.
          • Negotiating, securing and extending our commercial activities with our
          • Defining commercial policy with our subcontractors and maintaining
            relations with them. Defining marketing policy

    Defining marketing policy

        • Directing marketing activity, emailing, tradeshows, studies,
          white/yellow pages, events, webex.
        • Defining the sales pitches for our companies’ services.
        • Framing and developing the company image (webpage, presentation, press
    Regional Sales Manager June 2009- December 2011
    KPF Group

    Responsible for commercial development for the regions of Île-de-France
    (Parisian region) and the north of France for KPF group.

        • Directing sales activity in these regions with the sales team and regional
        • Manage client relations with key accounts: ARCELORMITTAL (extension of SAP
          account referencing), VEOLIA, SAFRAN, LVMH, L’OREAL, SAFRAN, VALLOUREC, AREVA,
        • Responding to the approaches of prospective clients looking for SAP
          . Service contracts, fixed-price projects, technical and
          functional expertise in connection with the pre-sales team.
        • Commercial development of a range of SAP services: change management,
          application management [TMA / TME], expertise, audits, projects etc.
        • Multiple new accounts opened: Veolia, OBS, LVMH, L’Oréal DGO, Aelia.
        • 2011 targets (90% met) regional revenue 4M€, regional gross margin 1,5 M€,
          Revenue 4M€.
        • 2010 targets (120% met) regional revenue 2,2 M€.
    Ingénieur d’Affaires (Business Engineer) October 2007-June 2009
    Codilog Group Neurones

    Responsible for the commercial development of CODILOG

        • Managed client relations for key accounts: SAFRAN, AREVA, BOUGUES, SODEXO,
        • Development of the consulting arm and integration of SAP to major SMEs: ARVAL,
        • Responding to approaches for SAP solutions, many successes: fixed-price
          projects, application management.
        • Targets 2009 (120%met) Revenue: 1.2 M€.
        • Targets 2008 (100%met) Revenue: 800 K€.
        • management of a subordinate and of an operational marketing team.
    Business Engineer January 2007- July 2007

    Responsible for the creation of the industrial division at Matis Engineering.

        • Development of operations at Matis Engineering opening of Dell and Safran
        • Met targets and passed the probationary period.
    Project Manager December 2004- January 2007

    Project manager for Sagem and Safran Information Technology.

    • Overhaul of Sagem’s product hierarchy: 50,000 items, 120 man-days.
    • Set up a complaints unit: 60 man-days.

    Project manager for SAP, CRM and BW

    • Set up of CRM and BW: AMOA.
    • management of parameters and creation of BW requests.
    • Training of users according to their professions.
    • Implement improvements: needs analysis, development, takings and communication.

    Business Projects manager

    • Co-management of outsourcing project for a call centre moving to Tunisia, setting up meetings
      for the salesforce (3 months in Tunisia.)
    KU (key sales member )February 2004- December 2004

    Project SAP CRM (€2.5M budget)

    • Functional analysis of the salesforce and the inter-departmental relations.
    • Correction to the blueprints on large and small scales.
    • management of four other KUs.
    • Implementation and following of the plan.
    Trainer February 2004- August 2004
    • Trainer at the sales school and manager of the incentive scheme for 200 salespeople.
    Sales Attaché March 2002- August 2004
    • Nomination to the post of senior salesperson in August 2003.
    • Revenue brought in: €50-80k per month, above target of €45k per month.
    Project manager January 2001- October 2001
    • IT Project manager for Clotex Experton Révollier (Metallurgy- 2000 employees- Isère)
    Sales Manager May 2000- October 2000.
  • Sales Manager of a start-up: participation in the creation of an IT start-up—infrastructure and


  • Ecole Supérieure de commerce de Grenoble (Grenoble school of business) 1998-2001
  • Preparatory classes 1996-1998
  • Baccalauréat STT (Science and management Technology) with merit. 1995- 1996

Languages and other skills

Professional Training
      • Manager and captain 2014.
      • Training and certification in SAP sales levels one and two (2008).
      • Presales training My SAP All in One (March 2008).
      • English: Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
      • Spanish: operational.
Hobbies and Community EngaSagement.
      • Creation of my website
      • Globe-Trotters Association, 2 years between 1998 and 2000. Took part in Concourse
        l’Express Grandes Ecoles
        (inter-university competition to produce a 20 page
        supplement to a newspaper), worked to find advertisers and on
      • Association for Youth and Renovation. 2 workshops in 1997. Spain: Renovation of
        hand-crafted pieces. England: Youth worker in a community centre.
      • IT, new technology, strategy in the broader sense, science fiction.
      • Skiing, Jogging, Hiking, Rollerblading.



Business Developement

KEY Account management




Project management

Change management


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